Tools and equipment

  • Red buttercream (or any rose colour you prefer)
  • Wilton piping tips 104 or 127
  • Wilton piping bags and coupler (option to attach piping tips)
  • And of course a cupcake!



  1. Slide down the piping tip into the piping bag and cut out a hole to fit the desired piping tip
  2. Hold piping bag in a cup motion and put in butter cream, slide all the buttercream down the pipe
  3. Pipe a cone shape, 3-5cm tall onto the cupcake. This will act like the center of the rose
  4. Slowly making small lines around the cone, preferably small strokes of 3-5 cm surround it slowly covering and building up the cone
  5. Build up lines around the cone to desired shape and fullness of a rose
  6. You will then have your very own piped buttercream rose!