Tools and Equipment


  • Fondant
  • Rolling pin
  • Wilton edible pearl beads
  • Knife
  • Circle cutters
  • Ball tool, or use back of paint brush
  • Water and paint brush
  • Cake lace or lace impression mat
  • Thin ribbon (optional)




  1. Roll out a thin piece of fondant, using a circle cutter cut out desired size for the topper
  2. Set aside to dry preferably 1-2 days for it to harden and for use
  3. Make some cake lace using the pre mix, if you don’t have any on hand use an impression lace mat. This is optional to add an elegant effect
  4. Place the cake lace onto the topper, securing it down with a wet paint brush dabbing it onto the topper for some moisture
  5. Cut out 1 cm lines of thin fondant, this will be for the frills
  6. Using a ball tool frill out the strips of fondant, you can also use the end of the paint brush
  7. Roll gently down every 1cm on the strips to create frills
  8. Using the paint brush wet the top of the strips gently placing one aside to each other
  9. Cut the excess of the strips around the topper
  10. Place the pearl beads in between where the frills and the lace meet, to hide where the two joints connect. You can place a thin strip of ribbon next to the beads with a little bow tied in the center
Kerry Tang